WebStory Example

WebStory Model Screenshot.
WebStory Model Screenshot.

The WebStory project is a small modeling tool for telling interactive stories that run in the web browser. It uses many essential features of Cinco, but is small enough to be comprehensible for Cinco novices.

Download Project ZIP

Getting Started

We provide here only very rough step-by-step instructions to getting started. Please refer to the the user’s manual from the resources page in case more detailed instructions are required.

Prepare Cinco

Import the WebStory Project

Build and Run WebStory Product

Test Story

First Real Story

Now try telling a story where something real has to be done, e.g., one that requires the player to find an item or secret that is later needed to reach somewhere (modeled with a variable that marks the ‘found’ state).

While you’re modeling the story, compare the definitions from the various specification files (cpd, mgl, style) with the behavior of the modeling tool.

Suggestions for Extensions

These extensions were given as assignments to the students attending the STRESS 2016 summer school. If you want to try out some ideas easy to realize, they might be a good start.

Additional Check

Write an additional check that adds a warning if the story contains a screen with no backgroundImage set and register it with the @mcam_checkmodule annotation in WebStory.mgl. See other checks in src/info/.../webstory/check/ for reference.

Initialized Variables

Advanced Conditions

Add a node type ‘AdvancedCondition’ with the following behavior

  type: "condition",
  activity: 1,
  condition: "xxx",
  trueSuccessor: 2,
  falseSuccessor: 3,