The “Cinco SCCE Meta Tooling Framework” is a generator-driven development environment for domain-specific graphical modeling tools. It is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework and Graphiti Graphical Tooling Infrastructrure, but aims to hide much of their complexity and intricate APIs.

A generic square placeholder image with rounded corners in a figure.
Selected domain-specific graphical models.

A graphical modeling tool developed with Cinco is completely generated from an intuitive higher-level abstract specification language. Semantics-inducing parts of the tool that are difficult to define in an abstract declarative way (such as model interpreters, transformations, or code generators) are written in Java against a simple model-based API. Cinco handles the inclusion of the right buttons in the GUI that trigger those actions.

Furthermore, Cinco supports the integration of the Java Application Building Center (jABC) into the development process, so that even people with little or no programming experience can express model behavior in a process-oriented fashion.

To get started with Cinco, just head to the download page, grab the right version for your operating system, and go through the tutorial from the Cinco User’s Manual found on the resources page. In case of questions, problems, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.