Cinco version 0.4 released

The Cinco SCCE Meta Modeling Suite Version 0.4 has been released.

Here’s a list of notable changes:

  • possible source and target nodes of edges is now defined at the node’s end with keywords incomingEdges and outgoingEdges, allowing cardinalities (the keywords sourceNode and targetNode have been removed)
  • basic copy&paste features are now generated (not yet preserving some minor graphical properties, such as edge bend points and decorator locations)
  • added possibility to define appearances “inline”
  • appearances can now be defined for edgeStyle and edge decorators
  • adapted annotation syntax to be more like Java: @annotationName(param1, param2, …)
  • renamed @Style annotation to @style
  • “decorators {}”-syntax for edges changed to multiple “decorator {}”-blocks
  • the .style editor now validates the parameters of the @style annotation
  • new @multiLine annotation for attributes
  • added predefined edge decorator shapes (ARROW, CIRCLE, DIAMOND, TRIANGLE)
  • define CustomFeatures on nodes and containers with @customFeature annotation
  • other node types can now be used as attributes
  • error/success dialog after “Generate Cinco Product”
  • again, many other small features and fixes

Download links for different platforms can be found in the downloads section.