Cinco version 0.7 released

After successfully using the release candidate during STRESS 2016 summer school, Cinco release version 0.7 is now available.

As usual, the installers are available in the downloads section.



  • Java 8 is now supported/required
  • Removed support for 32 bit systems
  • New “GraText” textual serialization format for all models

General Changes/Addition:

  • new CINCO Properties view: can display hierarchic attributes (with in-MGL defined types)
  • Generated perspective per Cinco product
  • Generated “new Project” wizard per product
  • Generated “new model” wizard per MGL
  • Model and project validation with MCaM framework
  • Example generator now produces README.txt explaining selected features

MGL Language:

  • New Hooks: postAttributeValueChange, preDelete, postMove, postResize, postSelect (all use C-prefixed transformation API)
  • @disable annotation with comma-separated list of: create, move, resize, reconnect, select, delete
  • @readOnly annotation for attributes
  • @file annotation on EString attribute produces file selector in property view
  • set-based constraints for containableElements (e.g. {A,B}[1,5])
  • passed parameters to @style annotation can now be arbitrary EL Expressions

Advanced Prime References:

  • directly import MGLs to use for prime references
  • import with “as” to provide namespace
  • namespace notation for prime references ( “::” for MGLs, “.” for Ecore, “this::” for the same MGL)
  • Containers can be prime references
  • Support for multiple prime referencing nodes for same type (then produces GUI to select type)

Graphical Editor:

  • support for polygon resizing
  • image URLs can be set at runtime via appearance provider

Style Language:

  • type keyword in edgeStyle: manhattan or freeform
  • Removed “relativeTo” keyword; positions now relative to the parent shape
  • Margins (positive and negative) for relative position
  • Named decorators in edge styles to reference in appearance provider
  • Shapes can have fixed size (i.e. not scaling when node is resized)