Cinco version 0.6 released

Major changes:

  • new Cinco Product Definition (CPD) file format that enables branding of CPs and more easy merging of multiple MGLs into a single CP
  • “Generate Cinco Product” action moved to context menu of CPD file – support for the simplified export of a stand-alone CP
  • new annotation for post-create hooks (@postCreate) that is invoked after a node/edge/model is created (example generated by wizard)
  • A transformation API is now generated for every Cinco product. It allows one to very easily implement model changes (e.g. in custom actions or post-create hooks) that are automatically reflected in both the visual representation as well as the underlying model (example generated by wizard)
  • every model element is now uniquely identifiably, as an ID generated automatically
  • multiple text shapes can now be used for node layouts
  • initial version of the spreadsheet meta plug-in that allows for the definition of calculating semantics using Excel or similar tools
  • improved expressiveness of cardinality constraints for containers
  • new annotation (@palette) to sort the nodes and containers in the palette into custom groups (example generated by wizard)

Download links for different platforms can be found in the downloads section.

As there were syntax changes in the specification languages, we prepared a migration guide for users of Cinco 0.5 who want to migrate their Cinco product project to version 0.6.