Cinco version 0.5 released

The Cinco SCCE Meta Modeling Suite Version 0.5 that we will be using during the 3rd International School on Tool-based Rigorous Engineering of Software Systems (STRESS 2014, co-located with the ISoLA 2014 conference) has been released.

Here’s a list of notable changes:

  • advanced copy&paste feature that fully preserves layout
  • enhanced Cinco wizard that allows for the initialization of various example features (containers, prime references, icons, appearance provider, code generator, custom actions)
  • cinco custom actions (formerly custom features) now possible for context menu and doubleclick
  • unified file referencing (e.g. for style file, icons): bundle-relative path or platform URI
  • unified Java class referencing (e.g. for custom action or generatable annotations): bundleName + FQ class name (bundle may be omitted when referring to “this bundle”)
  • added support for generating jABC4 Service Graphs for Cinco Product models. This enables code generators, interpreters, and model transformations to be modeled within jABC4.
  • extended MGL/Style validators and content assist (more errors; more help)
  • @icon annotation (node, container, edge) for the create tools in the tool palette
  • lots of polishing, small features, and bugfixing

Download links for different platforms can be found in the downloads section.

Also, a first version of the Cinco User’s Manual is now available in the resources section.