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Christmas Tree Highlight


The above video shows a seasonally flavored preview of the upcoming ‘highlighting’ feature. Allowed target nodes for edges (and containers for new/moved nodes) will be highlighted as of Cinco 0.8, which we will release in early 2017. Highlighting via API and fade effects are also supported.

Happy holidays from the Cinco team in Dortmund!

Public release of STRESS hotfix version

The hands-on Cinco session during the STRESS 2014 summer school was quite successful. All participants realized a graphical modeling tool for Petri nets (including simulation/execution) in under an hour. We received a lot of feedback that it’s “fun” to work with Cinco, which is a nice contrast to the annoying APIs we intend to hide. Also, we thank all participants for their valuable comments and suggestions.

The hotfix version 0.5.1 we assembled shortly before the session to fix a serious showstopper on Windows systems as well as to provide a much smoother integration of jABC4 process models is now also available in the downloads section of this site. Linux/MacOS users who don’t use jABC4 to realize code generators, model transformations or interpreters do not need to upgrade from version 0.5.